7 DIRTY Secrets of Gold Coast Real Estate Agents EXPOSED!!!

Get the lowdown on what to look out for when searching for a real estate agent to sell your property. DISCLOSURE – Most agents are honest and hardworking people like the rest of us, but BEWARE of those unscrupulous


We provide a professional one stop shop, no fuss photography and videography service to homeowners selling their property

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7 Must Know Dirty Secrets


Dirty Secret 1

Agents agree that your home is worth what you need to sell it for to buy the home in the better suburb that you love!

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Dirty Secret 2

Real estate agents tell you that your home looks great as it is and there’s nothing you need to do to get it ready for sale!

1102/28 Second Avenue

Dirty Secret 3

We’ve Got Buyers Waiting!

CRE8TVE - Gold Coast Real Estate Photography

Dirty Secret 4

Stretching the marketing truths!


Dirty Secret 5

Over Quoting To Win More Business

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Dirty Secret 6

We Haven’t Had As Much Interest As Anticipated! 

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Dirty Secret 7

Dummy Offers/Conditioning!

Don't fall into this TRAP with any of the TACTICS above.
SAVE yourself from losing up to $100,000's of dollars by reading the detailed DIRTY tactics FULL report

Put your deets in below so we can send you the full report so you have all the facts and can make an informed decision about getting your property for sale ready and picking the right real estate agent for the job!!!! 

What we offer

A Reliable, Honest & Professional Service


Professional photographs of your property listing will provide added emotional impact and engagement with a property which translates to quicker sales and less time on the market! We are trusted by homeowners and leading agents on the Gold Coast.


Did you know Buyers also spend up to 2.5 times longer on a website that contains video, by having video included in your listing you are offering an essential feature to the selling process of that property. Videos provide buyers with a meaningful connection to a home.

Drone Photography

Highlight a property’s unique features, capture a perfect landscape, and showcase the surrounding neighbourhood; aerial photography will achieve all of this. Our drone operator is fully licenced and equipped with the most up to date equipment.

Gold Coast Real Estate Photography Floor Plan

Floor Plans

Did you know 50% of consumers have told realestate.com.au that a floor plan makes a listing stand out. Cre8tve utilises the latest technology to create striking and effective floor plans to make the process of purchasing property easier for potential buyers.

Virtual Staging

Don’t want to splash out on staging your property why not add virtual staging to your listing images, adds creativity and shows potential for an otherwise empty space. Don’t let empty rooms let you down. Get outstanding results with fast and cost-effective solutions.

360 Degree Virtual Tour

Virtual tours powered by Matterport Technology can be a is the perfect solution. Provide your prospective buyers or tenants with a 360 virtual tour of your listing. With a virtual tour of your listing, your prospects can interact with the property space from the comfort of their own home.

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